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All slings are custom made to size and can not be returned or refunded. Measure twice and we’ll cut it once!!



All measurements should be round off to the nearest 1/8″



Use cloth tape to give us your length. Start from the top and follow the contour of your frame. 




Follow the contour of your frame. Make sure your measure tape does not slip !!
If you need to, tape the measure tape down at the top  and middle of the frame. 




This frame is 44 1/2″ long




Measure the width from middle of the track on one side of the chair, to middle of the track on the other side of the chair, where the side rails are bolted to the frame. This chairs width is 20″

NOTE : You May Also "Hook" the Tape on Far Rail and Measure to the "Outside" of the Chair Frame Side Rail Closest to you as in Picture.




Measure where sling rails are bolted to the chair frame from middle of
the track on one side to the middle of the track on the other side.

If you Have any questions Feel Free to Give us A Call..